The House

Ahmed Bin Khadim


Transformed his lifelong passion for fragrances into a global network and the creation of BK Perfumes in 2023. His commitment to sourcing the finest scents worldwide and curating exceptional perfumes defines our brand’s success.

Hamdan Bin Khadim

Co Founder

A visionary entrepreneur who excels in staying ahead of business trends within the dynamic world of perfumery. A role that is central to pioneer new paths in the fragrance world, blending innovation with tradition to create unique, memorable scents that resonate with the modern consumer.

Ali Bin Khadim

Co Founder

As a visionary leader driven by an unyielding ambition for business growth, the strategic thinking and dedication to propel Binkhadim to new heights play a pivotal role in our journey to be recognized as a formidable force in the global perfume industry.

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